Riverview NB Canada, home of


the beaver, Molson canadain


beer, Birth Place of Captain


Kirk and Shania Twain,




Customer support of shady


internet sites.... very shady

Marital status, family:

Single, Family, LOL! tons of


drunken canadains

How long playing UT:

Hard to say maybe 4 to 5 years,


started off with 99 back in the


day when I had to go to school
barefoot in 15 feet of snow,
uphill both ways, running my
PC with a gas generator!
How long with NBK:
Met the NBK when I started,
their servers were running the
best maps and had the best
ping for me, we got schooled
hardcore, and had some of the
most fun and best matches I
have ever played.
Favorite weapon:
Shock rifle, rockets, Flak,
the Gib
Favorite map:
I like the Giant maps, arena
type maps, maps with lots
of secrets
Favorite gametype:
I started really with IG and still
love it, Death match
Favorite UT moment:
Getting it to work, the first time
I ever played VSK bathroom at
the local internet bar we had
been pulling all nighters with
16 other people. Discovering
what TS was and amazed we
got that to work, everytime I
manage a kill on Ratt , thats
a great moment, and the day
I was inducted into the NBK
hall of Fame.
Best thing about UT:
I can kill shit at a fast pace, the
kick ass rock music in the
custom maps, Cartman Zounds
the wagging tail of Landlord's
Worst thing about UT:
Sharks, Cheaters, Mods that
work, your mom, Changing
fads, Rattmans Goo, playing
with no drinks, lack of lan
parties, poor losers or poor
How did you get your
gaming name:
Well, there is no real big story
to mine. I got into computer
gaming at a bar that was also
an internet caffee. The boys
there asked me what my handle
was , I had no idea what they
were talking about, LOL. So I
picked a name clear out of my
head, thinking back to a classic
Metallica song song "Wherever
I May Roam"..."I am a drifter,
where I lay my head is home."
So Drifter I was from
that point on.