Seattle, Wa



Marital status, family:

In a relationship with [NBK]bill for


11 years now, 3 kids, Megan 18,


Skye 13, and Sean 9

How long playing UT:

2 years

How long with NBK:

1 year on January 29th

Favorite weapon:

Flak cannon!!!

Favorite map:

Right now, it's Electric Slide

Favorite gametype:

Deathmatch first and foremost,


but I like the team games...TAM,


Freon, JailBreak
Favorite UT moment:
Aw jeez...too many to pick just
one...Anytime I kill Ratt or Evil...
my first Dark Horse
Best thing about UT:
The many friends I've made :), the
opprtunities I have been given to
be a part of the UT community. The
ability to mod the game, make it
your 9 year old son
has made up his own gametype...
Invasion/Jailbreak, with the portal
gun and mass vacuume..the enemy
team is Inv. monsters, he will open
a portal in the jail cell, pick up
enemies and toss them in!! So
freaking funny!!!
Worst thing about UT:
That I can't actually go out and
huck flak at some of the idiots
out in the real world! Players who
whine about stupid's just a
game ffs!!!
How did you get your
gaming name:
That first summer I started playing
UT2K4 over at MeatGrinder, I had
terrible insomnia, I would play alot
in the middle of the night...if it was
really warm, I would leave the back
door open. One night, the raccoons
that often came by, came in the
house to try and scavenge cat food,
food that was on the floor next to
me...well, the battle that followed
was trying to get back the
20lb bag of cat food they were
dragging out the door, while trying
to explain, in text, to my teammates
why I suddenly went AFK in the
middle of a JailBreak match. When
I was recruited by MeatClan, I was
asked to take a "Meat" name,
RaccoonMeat was suggested by my
clan leader, and, well, it seemed
appropriate! I dropped the "meat"
when I became a member of [NBK]
so now I'm just Raccoon